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N 7: Joke about condoms short
I use camouflage condoms so they cant see me coming.

N 6: Joke about condoms
A boy goes to the drug store with his dad and sees the condom display.
B: "Dad, why do they do packs of one condom?"
D: "Those are for the high-schoolers for Friday nights."
B: "So, why do they make packs of three?"
D: "For the college guys for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights."
B: "Then why do they make packs of 12?"
D: "Those are for married couples -- you know, January, February, March."

N 5: Joke about condoms, penis, vulgar short
-What did the penis say to the condom?
-"Cover me. I'm going in."

N 4: Joke about condoms
- What is the difference between the tires Good Year and 365 used condoms?
- 365 used condoms are VERY good year.

N 3: Joke about condoms
One man calls emergency:
- Come immediately, my little son has swallowed a condom!
After five minutes, the same man calls back:
- It is OK, I found another one.

N 2: Joke about condoms
A guy goes to the store to buy condoms. "Do you want a bag?", the cashier asks "No", the guy says, "she's not that ugly"

N 1: Joke about condoms vulgar
A man is walking past this house when a used condom comes flying out of the second story window and lands squarely on his head. Rather disgusted and absolutely furious, he goes up to the front door and starts pounding on it.
An elderly man opens it and asks him what caused him to knock so loudly.
The passerby asks, "Who's in your upstairs room?"
The elderly man replies, "I can't see how it's any of your business. Since, you must know, my daughter and intended son-in-law are upstairs."
The passerby hands him the used condom and says, "Well, I just wanted you to know that your intended grandchild fell out the window!"

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