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N 914: Joke about bar and bra
What is the similarity between a bar and a bra ?
They both drive men crazy when they open.

N 913: Joke about bra
I‘ve been trying to open the bra of my girlfriend for 20 minutes now...
I wish I had never put it on.

N 912: Joke about promise wordplay
Promises are like babies... They're fun to make but hard to deliver.

N 911: Joke about computer
The leading source of computer problems is computer solutions.

N 910: Joke about stupidity
Everyone has the right to be stupid, but some abuse that privilege.

N 909: Joke about snoring
The snorers are always the ones to fall asleep first.

N 908: Joke about headache and children
If you have been struck by a headache, follow the instructions on the aspirin bottle:

N 907: Joke about dentists and question
Dental-Chair Revelation: Once you have your mouth open, dentists lose the ability to ask questions with a simple yes or no answer.

N 906: Joke about laziness and problem
It may seem like I'm doing nothing, but I'm actively waiting for my problems to disappear.

N 905: Joke about baby and candy
If you're using the phrase "easy as taking candy from a baby", try taking candy from a baby.

N 904: Joke about weekend
The first five days after the weekend are the toughest.

N 903: Joke about strawberry
Funny picture  about strawberry

N 902: Joke about ice cream and pigs
Funny picture  about ice cream and pigs

N 901: Joke about food
Funny picture  about food

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