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N 3: Joke about wallet, onion short
My wallet is like an onion. Opening it makes me cry.

N 2: Joke about penis, onion vulgar
What's the difference between white onions, brown onions and a 30 centimeter dick?
Nothing.... They all make your eyes water.

N 1: Joke about onion
- I want some onion.
- Excuse me, mam, but there is no onion here now.
- But I need onion!
- Excuse me, mam, again. I'm really sorry, but...
- You say - no onion?
- Yes!
- Hm… It was here two days ago!
- Very sorry! No onion now...
- But...
- OK, mam! Please, would you answer on this question: how many "t"
letter in word "potato"?
- Two!
- Yes! Good! And once more: how many "t" letter in "tomato"?
- Two!
- Exactly! You right! And how many word "" in "onion"?
- Hm… No in onion!
- Yes! That is what I am trying to explain you: "NO F...CKING ONION HERE!!!"

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