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N 4: Joke about dentists and question
Dental-Chair Revelation: Once you have your mouth open, dentists lose the ability to ask questions with a simple yes or no answer.

N 3: Joke about dentists
Dentist: "This will hurt a little."
Patient: "OK."
Dentist: "I've been having an affair with your wife for a while now."

N 2: Joke about dentists
Dentist, to the patient: "For God's sake, stop making those noises and waving your arms. I haven't even touched your tooth yet."
Patient: "Yes, I know. But you're standing on my foot."

N 1: Joke about husband, wife and dentists
A husband and wife entered the dentist's room. He said, "I want a tooth pulled. We are in a hurry - so no Novocain or gas. Just pull the tooth out."
" You are a brave man,” said the dentist. "Now show me the tooth"
"Open your mouth,” said the man to his wife and show the dentist which tooth it is, dear."

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