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N 13: Joke about headache and children
If you have been struck by a headache, follow the instructions on the aspirin bottle:

N 12: Joke about children
Me and my wife decided that we don't want to have children anymore. So anybody who wants one can leave us their phone number and address and we will bring you one.

N 11: Joke about children black
I really don't know which kid I'm supposedly being unfair to, according to my wife, Thomas,
John, or the fat, ugly one?

N 10: Joke about children
"Jeff, my child, your mother had to stay in the hospital for a few days, cause the stork that brought your baby brother bite her by accident."
"Oh, gosh! What a terrible thing to happen to her after such a difficult birth!"

N 9: Joke about children
A three-year old walks over to a pregnant lady while waiting with his mother in a doctor's surgery.
"Why is your stomach so big?" - he asks.
"I´m having a baby." - she replies.
"Is the baby in your stomach?" - he asks, with his big eyes.
"Yes, it is." - she says.
"Is it a good baby?" - he asks, with a puzzled look.
"Oh, yes. A really good baby." - the lady replies.
Shocked and surprised, he asks: "Then why did you eat him?"

N 8: Joke about children
A little boy went up to his father and asked:
"Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?"
The father replied.
"Well son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine"

N 7: Joke about children vulgar
A little boy wakes up 3 nights in a row when he hears a thumping sound coming from his parents room.
Finally one morning he goes to his mom and says, "Mommy, every night I hear you and daddy making noises and when I look in your bedroom you're bouncing up and down on him."
His mom is taken by surprise and says, "Oh.. well.. ah.. well, I'm bouncing on his stomach because he's fat and that makes him thin again."
And the boy says, "Well, that won't work!"
His mom says, "Why?"
And the boy replies, "Because the lady next door comes by after you leave each day and blows him back up."

N 6: Joke about children and lawyer
Why is it that if you give a child an encyclopedia, lawyer is always the third thing they look up?
Because the first thing a child looks up is dog.
The second is snake.
And under snake, the encyclopedia says See Lawyer.

N 5: Joke about children
A man kills a deer and takes it home to cook for dinner. Both he and his wife decide that they won't tell the kids what kind of meat it is, but will give them a clue and let them guess. The dad said, "Well it's what Mommy calls me sometimes." The little girl screamed to her brother, "Don't eat it. Its an asshole!

N 4: Joke about children
A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now." The child ran back to his father and said, "You lied to me!" His father replied, "No, your mom was talking about her side of the family."

N 3: Joke about children, little johnny black
A woman brings eight-year-old Johnny home and tells his mother that he was caught playing doctors and nurses with Mary, her eight-year-old daughter.
Johnny's mother says, "Let's not be too harsh on them... they are bound to be curious about sex at that age."
"Curious about sex?" replies Mary's mother. "He's taken her f:::cking appendix out!"

N 2: Joke about children vulgar
A little boy asked his mother:
- Mummy, why are you white and I am black?
- Don’t even ask me that, when I remember that party..., you are lucky that you don’t bark.

N 1: Joke about school and children
Dad, can you write in the dark?
I think so. What is it you want me to write?
Your name on this report card.

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