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N 5: Joke about cannibals, trust, blow job vulgar
What’s the definition of “trust”?
Two cannibals giving each other a blowjob.

N 4: Joke about blow job vulgar
What’s the similarity between getting a blow job from an eighty year-old and walking the tightrope?
In both cases you really don’t want to look down…

N 3: Joke about blow job vulgar
What’s the best thing about a blow job?
Five minutes of peace and quiet.

N 2: Joke about blow job, wordplay vulgar
Why do men like blowjobs?
It’s the only time they get something into a woman’s head

N 1: Joke about priest, blow job, vulgar wordplay
A priest is walking to his church when he passes a group of prostitutes.
One of them yells out “$20 for a blowjob, Father!” The priest puts his head down and speed walks the rest of the way. When he arrives at the church he nervously approaches one of the nuns and asks her “Sister, what’s a blowjob?” She tells him “$20, Same as downtown”

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